Monday, July 13, 2009

IGN UK gives us another - albeit kinda boring - preview

If you've been following the news on Scribblenauts the past week then you're not going to learn anything new from this preview at IGN. No new screens or levels or videos or anything - at least not yet. This lack of news, however, made me a bit more aware at the one negative thing IGN had to say:

There's still some question marks about how well the concept ties into a compelling long-term experience but the signs are promising – a week in the company of Scribblenauts and it has lost little of its charm, our DS still being bought out to silence doubters of its quite preposterous concept

They follow up that quote by saying that a week in it still hasn't lost much of its charm...but it does stoke the fire of some fears gamers have in regard to the challenge and staying power of the game. A lot of sites have had this game for a little over a week, and most have already "beat" it in the traditional sense of the word...that is to say, they've reached and (most likely) completed world 10.

Now, that could mean a couple of things. Maybe they didn't finish all the levels in both modes. Maybe the preview build is a bit easier or it's not fully done. I mean, who knows? There's over 2 months between now and September 15th for 5TH Cell to change levels around and such.

However, I'd say that it's one of the top fears most supporters of Scribblenauts have. What do you guys think? Will Scribblenauts be too easy?


  1. Preview Builds do not usually have all the game content unlocked.

  2. Well, at the very least they're able to get to World 10. HOW they get to world 10 (as in, do they have to complete levels first?) is unknown, but it does seem at least all the WORLDS are there. Maybe not the levels.

  3. They probably have example levels from each world :)

  4. I think it may be very easy, but thats because you can play it te easy way and just find the simplest objects to complete the level...or you can spend a while, think about it, go back in time, get a dino, and come back to help you kill a ton of robot zombies, of coarse they can claim it will be too easy

  5. You don't think a week is a lot? I beat most games in a matter of days.

    And obviously the game will be super easy on the surface. I never expected it not to be. It's hard to truly get stumped with every existing object at your disposal.
    The challenge lies in completing each level in as many unique ways as possible.

  6. That's true, I'm sure a lot of the fun and challenge (not to mention length) of the game will be self-motivated challenges.

    Also, a week IS a long time, but not for a puzzle game of this depth, at least imo. 220 levels over 7 days is something crazy like 30 levels/day.

    But that's assuming this preview build is the final one

  7. Jeremiah lead creative director says no one has beat the game or gotten anywhere close, no one has got to level 10 and on one has beat more than twenty percent of the game, either they have incomplete game, or 20 percent of game takes a week which would be great.

  8. Yep, he definitely did. I posted about it above. He definitely set any doubt I had straight!