Sunday, July 12, 2009

Santa, Sea Serpents, and Sheep. Oh, and new Scribblenaut screenshots

Today we saw a pretty neat amount of new videos at the french site GameKlut. Well, seems like we were also blessed with a megaton amount of new pictures. I picked my 10 favorite out of all of them and decided to put them up to do a bit of speculation and impressions. There's a lot more than 10 for you to look at, though, and you should check them all out right here. Onto the speculation!

Santa! Wow, this is a pretty sweet looking level. We have some reindeer, a star constellation, and of course Santa himself complete with sleigh and presents. I'm not sure what is going on here, but because it is a puzzle level I assume it's something along the lines of "Help Santa out!". I wonder if you can ride the reindeer and fly around...or tether them to that sleigh.

On a personal note, I am so using Santa in every level I can.

This is a pretty neat screenshot for a few reasons. For one, we notice the preview guy is LOADED with money...100k+ Ollars, to be exact. Wow.

Next up we see what I presume is a sheppard with some sheep. You'll notice one of the sheep has no wool. Now...this could mean a couple of things. Most obviously it could mean we can shear the wool off of sheep, which is pretty awesome. There's ALSO a chance it could just be a lamb, which isn't as poofy as a sheep.

Either way, you gotta wonder what they're doing near the edge of a god damn volcano, and what can Maxwell do to help them?

I can't read French, but I think I can basically make out what it's saying...we must either take the patient to the hospital or somehow come up with a way to heal him. What I like about this shot, though, is that it shows us another world with 11 levels (further proof of the 10 worlds, 11 levels per mode idea) in addition to letting us see how diverse the game is.

All 3 shots I've done so far have been from the same world, The Summit, and they've all been puzzle mode levels. But we've seen Maxwell helping Santa, then chilling with some sheep by a volcano, and finally trying to heal an injured person in a snowstorm. We are going to be seeing a wide variety of levels, and it's something I'm very excited about.

What a great shot.

Now, I'm assuming the starite is below that chamber and the mammoth already exists. By tieing the rope from the mammoth to the star and then scaring it away with the mouse, you cause the starite to be pulled up as the mammoth flees.

Amazing. I love that not only are elephants scared of mice, but so are mamoths. It reminds me of how vampires are scared of both garlic and garlic bread. The mouse is a bit confused with what exactly is going on. I don't blame him.

This is the same serpent we saw in Nintendo Power. A lot of people wondered if he was a dragon or something else, but this screen shows he's a "Sea Serpent".

I chose the screenshot because of how...ominous it is. Hope you brought a big (underwater) gun...

Here we see a couple of screenshots of what I assume is the shop where you can spend your hard earned Ollars. It seems like with the left option we can buy new music, houses? (backgrounds?), and...brains? But with the other option we can buy new avatars, which is what the shot on the right shows us.

My limited French knowledge tells me we can be a zombie, pirate, wizard, and alien. You gotta wonder what type of avatar we're looking at. Does it simply replace the Maxwell model with a zombie? Or is it a zombified Maxwell? I'm going to assume the former, which is kind of a shame, as I had hoped Maxwell would remain an iconic figure in the game.

I also love that you can apparently buy music, because out of all the music I've heard in this game, I've loved every last piece.'re doing it wrong.

Regardless of Maxwell's rather...curious choice of landing, we can see that this is one of the "training" levels, set in World 0, the University. From what we've seen so far each training level basically walks you through the different things you're going to be doing in game. This one seems to be teaching you how to fly.

...though I do say it might not be doing a very good job at that

This seems to be a very "classic" Scribblenauts level, and was shown at E3. A starite is on the other side of this strip of land. You can either go through it, over it, or under it (which means you'd have to go underwater).

Of course, I doubt many people thought of "Nuclear Bomb" in order to get through that strip of land. I also wonder if Maxwell thought his plan all the way might want to run...or at least build a bomb shelter.

I saved thus one for last because it is honestly the best screenshot I've ever seen for this game. For any game.

This is a level from the last world of the game (Mish Mash), and assuming every world has 11 levels, it's about in the middle. It's also an action level.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, well then, how did he end up in THAT situation? Well, notice the "Objects" counter on top is 0. The player didn't get himself in this position...this is how the level begins.

The developers made a note to say that levels would be getting more difficult as the game wore on...and I think we're definitely seeing proof of that. You have a number of challenges to overcome here...first you have to save yourself, of course. Then you have to somehow make it to the cage. Then, while in midair, you need to find a way to free the starite without breaking the rope or the cage, as you'd all fall.

Further, I'm actually wondering if perhaps you and cage are tethered together via a pulley at the top. This would mean that if you cut your end of the rope, the cage would fall. Hmm. Perhaps not.

This game is going to be amazing, and every screenshot hypes me more than the last. So what do you think? What are some of your favorite screenshots? And how would YOU solve 10-6?


  1. I was thinkin maybe some balloons for the caged starite to keep it up when i cut the rope. Maybe give Maxwell some wings and set the cage on fire then wait underneath it for when the starite drops, i dunno.

    Actually, never mind ill just throw steakbabies at the cage to attract lions, which will break open the cage for me.

  2. I prefer my steakbabies to be medium-rare

  3. It wouldn't surprise me if you needed to get those sheep across that body of water.

  4. i would glue another person to the rope to ensure the wieght isnt a problem(if indeed theres a pully system)then summon a dragon and have it breathe fire to burn the cage and catch the starite with a net that i will summon
    did i mention im SUPER hyped for this game
    oh and hi sirpenguin i have been reading what you've wrote on neogaf and gamefaqs i dont have a neogaf account though because i don't have the right type of email account just saying you are giving very good coverage
    ps on neogaf i think "Jackson" just shot down your difficulty concerns

  5. For 10-6, I'd begin by setting up some form of propulsion: jetpack, plane, something like that. I'd use this to swing Maxwell over to the cage.

    Assuming there's no pulley system, I'd then take off the top hat to allow for mobility. If I can't take it off for some reason, I'd cut the rope and tie it to another top hat instead.

    Next, I'd run a rope from the loose top hat to the Starite. Hop back into my jetpack (plane, whatever), and smash the cage a bit. The Starite is suspended by the rope, free for the airborne snagging.