Sunday, August 9, 2009

New interview with yet another new 5TH Celler!

Hey guys, back from vacation. Seems like not much happened while I was gone, save for another IGN feature which you can check out below this post. But I did find this interview while going through my various resources, and I thought I'd share it.

The interview is with a different member of the Scribblenauts team by the name of Nathan Hernandez, Lead Animator of Scribblenauts. It doesn't contain much new info as I get the feeling the interviewer didn't know much about the game going in. But it does contain some cool tidbits about the development which I have shared below.

TC: Are there any Easter Eggs or hidden words put in there that people would be surprised to find?

NH: Yeah, there’s a ton actually. We put keyboard cat in there. I took a frame by frame of the video and I animated it — that was fun, but it came up to about a thousand frames, so I had to cut that in half, but if you watch it, it syncs up perfectly with the video. There are a lot of cool things in there and we’re hoping people will find them. There are a lot of things where if you spawn them in the right scenario, more things will pop up from that

TC: What was your favorite thing to animate?

NH: I particularly liked the monster. I got a lot of inspiration from “Where The Wild Things Are” and Sully from “Monster’s Inc.” He was fun. I also really liked animating the dinosaur. When I was growing up, I watched a lot of “Denver the Last Dinosaur.” I made sure the artist drew him kind of like him, and then I made him animate like Denver. Overall though, the monster is my favorite.

I really liked how his inspiration for the "monster" was inspired by Where The Wild Things Are. It makes me giddy that this game could be FULL of references and callbacks to various characters and styles from all over the place. Even a rather generic or typical character, a monster, can be based on something cool.

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