Monday, July 13, 2009

Double Dragon(s)

Game art has a way of changing throughout development. Of course that makes sense, given that every part of a game, from the code to the art assets, are constantly being polished and refined. Sometimes screenshots released during an early peiord show things that never make it to the final game for this reason. Perhaps that explains the discrepency that many Scribblenauts fans have found with the "Dragon" object. Take a look at these two pictures:

One of the earlier screenshots that debuted with the Scribblenauts announcement

One of the more recent screenshots from the preview build

Here you can see two very different dragon designs.

Now it's one thing to say the 2nd one is more detailed. It is, by a very large amount. But it also looks a lot more evil and fierce compared to the first. This has lead some people to think these two dragons are actually different objects, with the above dragon being perhaps a "baby" or "fantasy" dragon, whereas the 2nd dragon is the "adult" or "real" dragon.

My take on all of this? Most likely the 2nd dragon is the updated (and final) dragon model. In the latest Gamespot video we see that this is the model that shows up when you summon in dragon. But even with that rather boring answer, I gotta wonder...why do you think they updated the dragon so significantly? Most of the items we've seen from early screenshots, videos, and trailers all seem to be the same. And you gotta imagine that with tens of thousands of objects and assets you wouldn't even have the time to update one once you're done.

Was it updated because the style didn't fit? Or did it get updated because it's an "important" word and they wanted to make it detailed? Or perhaps...are those two different models? What do you guys think?


  1. I like the first one better to be honest.

  2. Maybe its "enemy dragon", and "dragon" like there is a vid with "giant enemy crab" vs obviously "crab" (still have yet to see it but I think we can all come to the conclusion that thats a word that is bound to be in it

  3. The first one seems to fit the Scribblenauts art style better, really.

    Perhaps playtesters thought the dragon was a good guy ('cause it's cute) and kept on being killed? So 5th Cell made it look dangerous?

  4. I think you're probably close, METheGameMakingGuy. I'd say 5TH Cell had a tough job at deciding which "interpretation" of nouns they should use.

    Some dragons are good, some are bad...which one would fit in the game better, you know?

  5. maybe its Elder Dragon?

  6. @Joshua The problem with this interpretation theory is that homonyms are supported. 5TH Cell could put in BOTH dragons, and you could simply be asked which dragon you wanted.

  7. Maybe ones a male, and the other is female?

  8. Heh. Looking back at this, waiting for Scribblenats Unlimited in December 21 (possibly), 2012. The first model wasn't used, sadly.