Friday, August 21, 2009

19 new pictures that'll make your head spin

Yesterday we saw a COMPLETE revamp of the Scribblenauts website. With it we were rewarded with 19 brand new screenshots. Most are these are from actual levels in the game, and those that aren't are pretty hilarious situations. I invite you to look at all of these incredibly cool screenshots.

Hype level? Oh yes. It's into overdrive.

This is what looks like a murder mystery of sorts. We have a corpse, some clues, a cop, and of course a maid/butler/etc. which are all clearly suspects. It's hard to tell if this is a level, and if it is, how do you make it a level worth repeating? Still, it's pretty awesome to see this Scribblenauts version of Clue. My bet? The Maid. Look at her, staring down coldly at the people below her. She's about the strike again!

There's nothing funnier than trailer trash. Trailer? Check. Satalite dish that costs more than their home? Check. Lawn gnome/Rottweiler combo guarding the door? Double check. Just another day in paradise.

Speaking of paradise, here we see Maxwell part of a pretty cool fairgrounds. I'm going to assume this is a level where you have to find a way to ring the bell. A hammer, of course, is boring. Perhaps dropping an anvil on it? I also really like the rollercoaster in the background. It looks really cool.

A giant is attacking Maxwell as a knight charges forward to save him. Maxwell doesn't seem too concerned his head is about to be beaten in. Seems to be taking it in stride, in fact.

Maxwell does his best Sam Fisher impersonation as he tosses on a pair of nightvision goggles. Unfortunately all this does is help him better see the snake that's about to attack them both. I get the idea this is a level. Perhaps you have to escort the person out of the cave?

Little known fact: back in the late 1980s the FBI set up "Project Firebreather", a program to resurect dragons to be used in the Cold War. The program, as you might expect, was a failure, and they had to send their top agents to fight back the now chaos driven zombie dragons.

This is a scene from that fateful day.

I believe this is a level, though the objective is anyone's guess. It reminds me of a Shakespear play. What's up with the little statue? And the mysterious chair? And what what is Maxwell holding? The mystery shall remained unsolved.

I can't help but think this is a murder in progress. Maxwell is pretending to simply blow the snow in front of this little boy, but I think we all know said little boy will soon find his mangled body in that snowblower

Also, this looks like a level to me

We know for a fact this IS a level. You have to dress a mannequin. Here we see a cowboy version of him.

This is also a level, the "Refresh him!" level. I couldn't even begin to guess what that structure is. Waterfall, I guess? It looks really weird, whatever it is.

Again, this seems like a level given the lever up top. I imagine swimming through jellyfish infested waters is a good way to die. You can't spawn toasters fast enough to kill these suckers!

This...does not look safe...

Oh wow, is he digging through the snow? What a cool idea!

So we have a zombie mutant surrounded by a gas station and more explosives than anyone would need in their lifetime. I really...really want to see this scene blow up.

I wonder what the objective here is? I assume those sticks of TNT are rigged to blow, destroy the starite. I wonder what causes them to explode?

If there's one thing more dangerous than a jellyfish, it's a god damn shark. Thankfully Maxwell is armed with a harpoon and plans on taking down the beast. Better act quickly.

Bwaha, what a funny situation to be in. I'm guessing you have to figure out a way to get the starite out from the tight space. His solution is rather unique.

Speaking of unique solutions, when is the last time you glued a saw (I think?) to a van and drove it into a tree?

Finally, we have a costume party, though I'm not entirely sure these guys are in costumes. If they are, though, where can I buy an invisible man suit?!


  1. In the last screenshot, there are two Maxwells... and one has a blue rooster hat...


  3. A "clone"? A "Scribblenaut"? Heck, a "Maxwell"?

    Awesome costume party is awesome. Maxwell's formality amongst the occult is hilarious.

  4. Maybe for the level in the top picture, instead of solving the murder mystery, you have to help the criminal escape!