Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures from GamesCom, courtesy of Twitter user

Twitter user @krystman knew enough to bring a camera to his play session with Scribblenauts. He was able to snap a few photos of items people suggested to him via Twitter. Let's take a look.

Library. Simple enough, eh? Nice looking building, though.

River, believe it or not. Kind of a unique way to interpret the word I think. It's basically a cross-section of a river. I imagine this is largely due to the limitations of the DS. Flowing water must be tough.

Echidna, apparently, which wikipedia tells me is an anteater of sorts.

Invisibility cloak in action of the right hand side. Only how do we prove it's really working?!

This is what apparently spawns with "Slacker". Weird. I remember this model used elsewhere. Perhaps as "Thief" or something?

cough cough. We get confirmation that not all animals can wield weapons or items. It makes sense, given a penguin has fins, not arms. Still sad...

And of course, obligatory longcat + keyboard cat.

You can find all of his pictures of GamesCom right here in his Picasa album. He plans on staying there for at least one more day and perhaps two, so feel free to drop him a line via twitter (link to is profile is at the top of this post) and suggest some words or situations to use.

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  1. we have confirmation that invisibility cloak works. remember good ol' god vs. cthulhu? yeah, it's in that video (when maxwell goes back in time to the medieval ages during level 1-1, jeremiah suggests invisibility cloak). it works as far as making you invisible save for the cloak itself, which still floats there to show the player where invisible maxwell is. but no confirmation yet on whether or not it truly makes you invisible to potential enemies. this game surely has a way of closing one door only to open up many others, no? i guess we'll all find out soon enough...