Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scribblenauts website gets a MASSIVE makeover. Seriously, it's insane

Go there, and if your mind isn't blown within 10 seconds of looking at it then you clearly aren't at the same website I'm at.


Scribblenauts' old website was fairly bland and even contained a couple of typos. Not cool, and definitely not impressive. This juggernaut of a website, however, changes that handedly.

Of special note is the fact we see 4 levels (one of which is new?) on the backgrounds of the various pages. On the first page we see the famous 1-1 level with the tree. We also get a glimpse of a couple of new solutions, such as a woodchipper and a woodpecker, two very obvious solutions I never even thought of.

The "About" page shows us the "Rescue the Cat" level, and loops two solutions. The info available on this page is basically a carbon copy of the press release, so nothing new is learned.

The "Screenshots" section brings us, unsurprisingly, screenshots. There's a lot of them (and protected via Flash, so I'll have to "steal" them) and I'll cover them in a new post, perhaps tonight or tomorrow. Anyways, of REAL importance is a really cool new level we haven't seen yet. I do hope this is in the game, as the premise is really cool. Remember how everyone is obsessed with X vs. Y scenarios? This level really plays off of it. Maxwell is confined in a section of the level and can't do anything. He is, however, able to summon monsters to fight 3 other monsters in an arena-esque fight. He's then freed to grab the starite.

A VERY cool concept.

"Downloads" is empty, for now, yet remains intriguing. What could we be seeing? Wallpapers? Music? God, the music that plays in this level is so beautiful. I love the Scribblenauts music. Alas, no levels are playing in this section.

Finally, we have "Videos", which show off the GamesCom and ComicCon trailers we've already seen. The level playing in the background is ALSO one we've seen, and like the cat level we see a solution looped twice.

At the bottom we can see some other new and interesting things. First up we see a "Scribblenauts Fansite", which is very interesting. If that doesn't redirect to this blog I'll be sorely disappointed! Then we can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. All three of these things, however, are simply "Coming Soon".

I am definitely in love with this re-imagining of the website. It's insanely entertaining and awesome to interact with. It's chock full of cool shit that any gamer, even those who have never heard of the game before, will find amazing. I never thought I'd actually praise an official website, but here I am, praising an official website.


  1. Wow, it looks like they've picked up on all the hype the game has been getting. First that stunning trailer and now it's site blows everything out of the water. Groovy. C:

  2. Gosh, I haven't been so hyped for a game since Brawl!

    Thanks for following me on twitter. :)


  3. i love the x vs y level and it seems to add well to the challenge by making u summon ONE creature and NO explosives. though it was odd to see that wizard fight a red monster so easily just by whacking him with a stick

    sorry man but i doubt its linking here(hope it is) because lets remember this game is being marketed to children and u have bit of a potty mouth

    also great thank for this post! i almost never check that site because it was never updated and was so unimpressive. my mond is blown!

  4. Haha, yes I do swear and make some crude jokes. Can't shake that side of my internet persona. I didn't really think they were going to link here, though ;)

  5. This website is wow. Great music, cute puzzle demonstrations, the works.

    Being so thoroughly a work in progress is annoying, though. I'm also annoyed that you need to scroll over to see the Twitter link. It should really be next to/above/below the Facebook one.

    Yeah, seeing the wizard kill off everything, without even using magic was kind of jarring. Perhaps his magic grants him "god"-like immortality? (i.e. he's under the same stat category as "god" in Objectnaut)

  6. I wouldn't read too much into the Wizard thing, guys. We know from videos he uses a spell-like attack. The scenes playing in the background are done with Flash and aren't mirroring the real game

  7. @Joshua
    Pity, really. The scenes would be better if they were/mirrored actual gameplay, in my opinion. STARITE GET doesn't even look very enthusiastic in this Flash version.

    It would be REALLY cool if the scenes were somehow interactive: obviously giving you the entire Scribblenauts dictionary would somewhat defeat the purpose of buying Scribblenauts instead, though. Perhaps the objects could be spawned, but you can then do stuff with them as you please? That could be described in a word, and that word is awesome.