Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here, have a couple more GamesCom videos!

Seems like that's all I've been slinging at you guys lately, eh? Well, that's ok, as I'm sure nobody minds!

Today I have a couple of decently long videos to share. One shows some various creatures and critters, while the other

As usual, you can find both the videos and my highlights below.

Seems like Artic Wolf ignores the adjective and spawns just a wolf. And "Fennec" seems to be in reference to a "Fennec Fox", though it doesn't come up.

This video made me wonder what would happen if you spawned multiples of the same animal. Would some, like wolves, travel in packs? Would others fight each other?

I was impressed as hell in this next section by the sheer number of dog breeds that spawned out very recognizable dogs. The husky especially looked cute. Malamute also spawns a husky model, but even a brief image search shows the two breeds look almost identical. Anyways, it was hilarious when he spawned a fire hydrant and all the dogs looked and barked at it. So cute!

Next up we see some felines, and yet again I can't help but be blown away by the attention to detail for all these big cats. It would have been easy to just reskin existing models, but they elected to literally give them different models as well. Unlike the domesticated dogs, these wild cats kill everything in sight.

This is a very entertaining video (in German) of a couple of guys just going through the levels. Unfortunately I have to go somewhere right now and can't give my own impressions. Not like you need them anyways, it's a 10 minute video full of some pretty cool things, so check it out!

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  1. I was half-expecting the wand to work like the "Star Wand" from Smash when I saw the "Shoot" option. The result was hilarious! I hope people don't become too critical of this game, despite its bold slogan.