Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jeremiah says 5TH Cell might be done with the DS, though you haven't heard the last of Scribblenauts

In an interview with Creative Director Jeremiah Slaczka, Gamespot learned that 5TH Cell might actually be done with the DS. He claims that they want to look towards consoles more in the future, which is something that definitely makes a lot of sense given their position.

Of course, he was quick to mention that this isn't the last of Scribblenauts, and he pointed out Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter as an example of how they handle sequels.

Anyways, there'll be more to this interview sometime in the future (the 25th), so look for it then as well!


  1. Scribblenauts on PC/Wii confirmed?

  2. A more complete and graphically pleasing sequel would be cool, but if a keyboard (or touch screen again) is not involved, I will be VERY disappointed.

    What does Jeremiah mean by "That's it for original stuff"?

  3. So... Scriblenauts will be released only on DS (as said many time on E3), but will se them again and not on the DS... it little bit contratcting. So I quest there will be some Xlive / PSN versions in the future?

  4. I hope they do keep producing some games for the DS. The type of games they make suits the DS well, and that's a system their fans have.

    I wonder if there is some concern with the DS being over-the-hill. This can be a problem with games that take a long time to program. I wouldn't worry about that except if the DSi = GBA Micro.

    I'm happy with my DS. I really hope with the next Nintendo handheld they don't screw it up by trying to be too trendy.

    Console games may be more profitable too, since the games are so expensive. I won't buy a game system if the games are too expensive, but that doesn't seem to bother a lot of people.

  5. Hey, does anyone know how I can get my hands on a rooster hat here in North America? I pre-ordered Scribblenauts today, with less then a moronic look from the retailer when I mentioned the same store in Austrailia giving out rooster hats. If anyone is selling one on Ebay or giving one aqay for any reason, please contact me... Yeah let's go with that one. Thanks.

  6. If they release games to the 7th Gen Systems then I might actually buy one.

  7. well, a scribblenauts game a console makes a ton of sense
    you can keep the art stlye but make it smoother, as the one on the ds is very pixelated
    you can add, dare i say, even more words
    words can have more complex reactions,i.e. chef will not only be attracted to dough, but make pancakes if given the proper tools
    less repeated art for words, so no more democrat=republican=president=official blah blah blah
    it will hit a newer audience
    online modes possible
    they will learn from first game and clean up some issues
    more modes
    possible DLC
    more save files
    more in depth level editor
    more memory space for w/e

    Well i think you understand me, makes lot's of sense to me. but it does kind of puzzle me why they would leave the DS instead of simply branching out. the DS is the oly reason they have gotten popularity, do they see it as some sort of stepping stone?