Monday, August 17, 2009

We want YOUR impressions from GamesCom!

I tried this last time with ComicCon but either not enough people played it or I did it too late.

But anyways, GamesCom gives gamers and journalists alike a chance to get ahold of a game. Unfortunately, though journalists have an easy way to broadcast their impressions, gamers do not. Gamers, however, tend to have the most "real" impressions of a game, thus making them the most valuable.

So! If you get your grubby mits on Scribblenauts at GamesCom, and you have something to say, then please drop me a line. You can send me an email at, or you can simply leave a comment somewhere on this post.

Either way, I'll take your impressions and post it right here on this site for the world to see. So whether you loved it or hated it, we want to know...and we all want to see how creative you are!

1 comment:

  1. You scared everyone off with that last sentence, about how creative they are. jk ;D