Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GameTrailers interviews Jeremiah Slaczka

As usual with previews and interviews nowadays, I gotta give the disclaimer that this thing really shows nothing new if you've been hardcore following the game. Still, Jeremiah makes for a good interviewee so it still makes for an entertaining interview.

We do get a description of a new level, though. In it you had to somehow cross some part of the level with a dog and a cat. The two would fight, so you had to find a way to get them across without either dying, a similar situation to the famous "Chicken and Wolf crossing the river" puzzle. Anyways, one example of a solution he gave was shrinking the dog and tossing him in a satchel, something not even Jeremiah thought of.

He also talks a bunch about some "behind the scenes" info, and also talks about the direction they wanted to take the game in. I found it really interesting to watch, so I'm sure you will as well!


  1. I love this interview
    and i simply love to story of the dog and the satchel

    but i have a tiny, little issue with the way he phrased that there are at LEAST 3 solutions to each level. i know most people will understand right away, but i think some people who don't really know about the game may have a little confusion

    also love all the behind the scenes stuff

  2. This interview is the first video proof we have that feep's time machine really could take him to the dinosaur ages.