Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New trailer, probably for GamesCom

I woke up today to see some foreign websites claiming to have a new trailer. I was hesitant at first because we already have like 3 trailers, one of which was released just a month ago. I figured this wasn't an actual trailer. After watching the first few seconds...well...

I would like to think this trailer had codename "HOLY SHIT OUR GAME IS INCREDIBLE" when they were making it. I mean, my God, I've never seen so much praise/awards in a trailer!

Oh, and Lincoln with a Minigun vs. a giant enemy crab? Wow. Incredible!


  1. That looks like a tv commercial.

  2. I thought the first few seconds with all the great quotes/praise would never end! The trailer just made me want the game even more, which I didn't think was possible.

  3. I thoroughly disliked the praise spam. Mostly because a video of the same length with no praise would have had lots more gameplay.

    Still, minigun Lincoln is thoroughly awesome. Although you have to wonder how Lincoln got in through the Scribblerules.