Friday, August 21, 2009

New German video confuses more than it educates

If you've ever really wanted to see a German man play an English game where the whole point is being able to spell out words...well...have I the video for you!

It seems weird the demo wouldn't be in Germany, given this is at GamesCom and, indeed, in Germany. I would say the language barrier really hindered the guy playing it, as well as a general lack of knowledge of the rules.

"Ocean", which I didn't really expect to be in, spawns the same object used by "Oasis". The guy doesn't seem to know you have to put it in the ground, so it ends up unused. I did like his rather obscure solution of "apple juice", though.

The bee level was interesting due to us being able to see the net. It operates much in the same way as a rope or chain. I'm sure he was expecting a typical bugcatcher's net, but even in his panicking the net actually did its job and trapped the bee. It actually looked pretty damn cool.

I can't help but think the level with the lumberjack is really just repeating itself. I mean we already have a level where the whole point is to cut down a tree. Why do we need two? I'm finding it hard to think of a unique solution that would work on one but not the other.

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  1. The fact that vegetarians eat meat makes me think that 10,000s of objects is a much, much smaller number in terms of realistic interactions...