Friday, August 21, 2009

IGN's Random Thoughts, round 4

Alright, the 4th edition of IGN's Random Thoughts on Scribblenauts is up, so go check it out. Thankfully we got videos again this week. This time they decided to just mess around with the "x vs. y" template, facing off some animals against each other for our entertainment.

Let's check them out.

Here we see the IGN previewer showing his great hatred towards marsupials. The T-Rex, of course, eats them all. We also see that both kangaroo and wallaby both spawn the same thing. You know who is really angry at that revelation?

Better watch out, 5TH Cell!

Alright, so here we see Disney's "Jungle Book" gone horribly wrong. All the animals very much hate each other and the fight is over pretty soon with the tiger making it on top. Maxwell then sheds the cloak and ends up running for his life. I liked how distinct the tiger and panther were, and how well the "brawl" ended up going down.

Next up we see three people getting their just desserts. A lawyer, a celebrity, and a...clown? Well, regardless, these three are fed to a hungry group of wild animals. The celebrity makes a mad dash for it and keeps on running long after the carnage is over. Everyone else? Well, not so lucky. Only the bear remains standing.

Well then, these battles just don't seem fair now do they? This raptor just sits around and gets free seafood...that is, until a blob comes in and eats him alive. Eesh. Also, notice that "shark tank" brings up a tank, though it seems to be a different color than I remember. Hmm.

Alright, last level, and this one is definitely a Pokemon battle if I've ever seen one.

Rhydon faces off against Dragonair and totally wrecks him. Dragonair then evolves into Dragonite...and gets his ass kicked again! Rhinos are pretty tough. To be fair, though, the dragon was simply trying to eat leftover komodo dragon...who could blame him?

Anyways, the article concludes with the following paragraph, which I found pretty funny.

This experience has been enlightening, and I played around with it a lot more and discovered a few other things. T-rexes fall asleep after eating bunnies. That same dragon that got killed by a rhino was able to defeat god. And your character can outrun a cheetah somehow.

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