Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amazon to offer "release date delivery" at a cheaper price than overnight shipping

Man, you'd think the concept of a preorder would be so easy. I mean the purpose is right there in the name: you want a product so bad you're willing to order it before it's even released. It's so simple that I'm left utterly flabbergasted when companies continuously do them incorrectly. Despite the fact you want a product BEFORE IT'S EVEN OUT, many online preorders don't actually ship it until the day of release. That means even if you opted for the overnight shipping you won't be seeing the product until at least one day after the release - perhaps more. And if you chose a cheaper shipping plan? Best hope there's no weekends in your way, as that could push your actual delivery date up a week...sometimes more!


Well, onto the story. Amazon has at gotten rid of some of the hoops we have to jump through, as long as you're willing to pay. They are now offering "Release Date Delivery", meaning the package will be on your steps on the 15th of September. Hopefully. Now even if you already have it preordered you'll have to do it again to change the shipping type, so head on over to Amazon and do exactly that!

Prior to this I had a preorder at Gamestop with overnight shipping. The price? $42, with an estimated delivery date of the 17th. I was pretty confused at that, but whatever, I wanted the game in my hands as quick as possible. Even Amazon had a steep overnight charge, so I figured I'd stay with them for the rooster hat preorder bonus.

The price of my new preorder with Amazon? $34, with an estimated delivery date of the 15th. So 8 dollars cheaper and 2 days earlier.

I think I can do without the rooster hat.

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  1. so far gamestop has been very good to me in terms of delivery and also