Friday, August 14, 2009

Did you love the game art revealed today? Would you also love 82 megabytes of it?

Thanks to TinyCartridge for this one.

Minutes after the latest (incredible) official art was posted people were already wanting a poster sized version of it. It seems their wishes have already been granted.

If you follow this link you can download a gigantic, 82 megabyte file containing Photoshop Document files (.psd) of all the official art, including the one above. The file dimensions of this beast are 4642 x 6000, meaning it's the perfect size for a poster. Now we just gotta figure out how to make one...


  1. Print shops have printers that can print poster-sized pictures. Staples appears to do it, but I can't find a price. Online appear to run about $10-$15.

    Some copy shops have rules about not printing copyrighted images, but in this case, they might not know.

    Also, if you work at the right place, it might be possible to use a work printer. E and D color inkjet printers are used for drafting and a few other things.

    The printers run around $10,000 used, so not practical for home use.

  2. "4642 x 6000, meaning it's the perfect size for a poster."


  3. Heyho, unfortunately the link is dead. Is there possibly a way, that you can reupload the image or send it to me? I really want to make a poster out of it, but can't find it anymore. TinyCatridge sent me to this place and I hope, that this isn't such a big deal for you. :/

  4. Hey, I'll try my best, Henry, but I unfortunately delete the file from my HDD. I'll see if I can figure out if I kept any backups.

  5. This would be really cool. Thanks.