Thursday, August 13, 2009

New preview reveals weapon limitations?

We got news after all! And from New Zealand, of all places, from the website called GamePlanet.

Don't get too excited, though, as it's a pretty standard preview (though by no means bad!) that basically has all sorts of good things to say and praise for Scribblenauts. It especially focuses on the child-friendly aspects, mainly in the way it can educate the player.

However, as you'll see from the tidbits, it reveals a little bit more than we might expect. First, of course, give it a read here.

-"An additional child-friendly inclusion is that any type of weapon can only have three shots" - More on that below

- Rotunda, Lute, Ungulate, Lithographer, Megalodon, Blunderbuss, Mollusk, Time Machine, Arbalest, Archaeopteryx all confirmed in the game

-Overall very impressed with the game, definitely thinks it could be a DS GotY contender

So then! The biggest news of this preview is the rather ambiguous description of how weapons work. They seem to be suggesting that weapons only have 3 shots. We can presume that after it has spent its 3 shots it disappears.

We've seen semi-proof of this in videos in the past. In most videos involving a bazooka the weapon usually disappears after it is used. I could never quite tell why this was, but it would seem this is the most plausible explanation.

I have a hard time believing this is due to them wanting to be child-friendly, though. Seems more like a balance issue. It's a lot easier to run and gun (i.e., kite) enemies than it is to go at them toe to toe, so by limiting your shots the game forces you to constantly respawn the gun, greatly increasing your par unless you switch strategies.

Of course, learning about any "limitation" of the game will prompt some fairly negative responses, so what do you guys think? Is this lame, or does it not matter?


  1. Limitations are good. They keep the game from becoming yet another mindless shooter.
    I wonder what happens if you type 'ammo'.

  2. I just hope this only applies to least then it makes sense.

    I don't want my sword vanishing after 3 hits.

  3. Well in the god vs cthulhu E3 demo video (if you havn't seen it, the link is at the bottom), god got 16 shots off on the cthulhu so it looks like it's only limitations when you have the gun, not when another person is using it.

    God vs Cthulhu E3 demo video (wait until the end to see the fight)

  4. not sure until i actually play but it seems it can easily go from "new challenge" to annoying. Of course, of course, of course it can't break the game but i think it will go against many solutions people probably are imgining (i.e. get a shotgun and just run through some zombies) but i really can't judge this till i play, though I can easily see how it may cause you to be more creative

  5. WOOOO! New Zealand I live there!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that its fine. 3 shots should be enough to kill whatever I want(apart from cthulu) shouldn't it?

  6. Well, thhey wanted to make this game have good physics, and we all know that guns don`t have unlimited shots so this makes the game nore challenging.

  7. I think it indeed makes it balanced. Using just a gun to get through a level of soldiers, or something, would be a fairly boring way of going about it. Guns shouldn't have infinite ammo anyway, unless Maxwell is wearing a bandana.