Saturday, August 15, 2009

Past week in Scribblenautics: August 9th to August 15th

This past week was slow, no doubt, with not much in the way of new news or media. However, with GamesCon next week, PAX in early September, and August being halfway over already...well, we're about to get hit with a lot of news.

Today is August 15th. There 31 days left before the release of Scribblenauts in North America.

Here's what you may have missed...


-Amazon offers "Release Date Delivery", meaning you'll get the game on your doorstep on the 15th.

-Join us as we investigate Twitter and the Mysterious Disappearing Tweets...

-Love sweet lookin' Scribblenauts artwork? No doubt you do! So you should definitely enter this contest to win a real life poster of Post 217. And while you're at it, check out this incredibly grand new artwork released at Gamescon. Wow.

Previews, Interviews, and Impressions

-Seems like everyone who works at 5TH Cell is getting an interview nowadays...

-Here are some WORLD EXCLUSIVE HEADS-ON VIDEO IMPRESSIONS...of the rooster hat

-Scribblenauts appears to appeal to hardcore and casual gamers alike. What about people who care about edutainment?

-Though this preview might not reveal much new, it does confirm that weapons have ammo limitations.


-I must yet again link to the new artwork we got this week. It's just too incredible not to mention dozens of times.

-Scribblenauts found its way onto XPlay, and you can find a mini-interview and two new videos from them.

-GamesCon is next week, and we were able to find some new screenshots in a mini-press release

-And as always, IGN did a Friday Feature on the game, this time giving us 7 new videos of people trying words out. Cool stuff.


Check out as I (poorly!) imitate a Cracked article with my Five Interesting Animals I want to see in Scribblenauts

Though this isn't so much an article, it does look into what we should be expecting in the next 31 days before release. I call it the calm before the storm, as this will be one hell of a ride.


  1. Huh? 44 days? Isn`t it 31?

  2. oops! Good catch. I copied and pasted the template from my last post