Thursday, August 13, 2009

The calm before the storm

No doubt about it, this week has sucked for Scribblenauts news. It's been slow with the occasional new video...but nothing very exciting. Some people may perceive the hype train is, oddly enough, slowing down considerably in a short amount of time. Discussion topics on forums are quiet. Scribblenauts has stopped "making the rounds" among news sites and gaming blogs.

So what's up? Why did everything die off so soon? Well, to me, it seems this is going to be the calm before the storm.

Today is the 13th, which means that Saturday the 15th marks 30 days until the release of Scribblenauts on the 15th of September. Here's what we can expect this in this last month before release...

-At least 4 IGN features occurring every Friday, one of which happens tomorrow!

-Scribblenauts makes an appearence at GamesCon, the largest gaming convention in Europe, which lasts Monday the 17th all the way to Sunday the 23rd. Expect a lot of hands on coverage and media from press and players alike.

-We know that a new press release with new screenshots shall be coming, and we know that some places in Europe are getting an updated demo. Could this be coinciding with GamesCon?

-The game will also be making the rounds at PAX, which happens the first week in September on the west coast of America

-Commercials should be hitting fairly soon, one of which is already rumored to be shooting

-Soon, final copies of the games will be circulating throughout the industry. Reviews of the game could happen as early as the first week of September

All of this and more will be happening these next 30 days. So if you're thinking things are a bit too quiet...just give it a little while longer. Pretty soon the Scribblenauts flood of info will drown us all.

Hope that's a good thing!


  1. Besides the weekly feature how do you know this?
    where did you find out about gamecon
    a new press release with updated demo
    the game being at PAX
    that the commercials will air in America
    and that everyone is getting a final build
    any help would be appreciated

  2. I'd rather have it under-hyped at this point than see it everywhere. Too much hype can create burnout (for me, at least).

    Bottom line, I've seen enough of this game to know that I'm buying it, at least.

  3. Homeless dude:

    Warner Bros. has a booth at both GamesCon and it seems like common knowledge it'll be there. Jackson over at GAF told people to "say hi" to him at PAX as he'll be demoing Scribblenauts there as well.

    The new press release is in regards to this post:, I never said the commercials were coming to America though it seem obvious if we DO have commercials (like rumored here: it'll come stateside, and obviously everyone will get the final build before the 15th.

    Like I said, not all of this is happening right away, but it will be happening in the next 30 days.