Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twitter and the case of the disappearing Scribblenauts tweets

You gotta feel bad for anyone in ANY "private" department of a company who uses social networking sites such as Twitter. Us average Joes can talk about our jobs all we want without ramification, so long as we don't compare our bosses to warthogs or something. Unfortunately, if you know some "privileged" info it can lead you into trouble if you announce it to the public by accident.

A few days ago I mention that Brittany Aubert, a producer over at 5TH Cell, was taking suggestions for some items and situations to make screenshots with. Presumably she did make said screenshots though nothing came from it, and it seemed forgotten altogether.


Though I have no confirmation on this, I've learned that Ms. Aubert posted two interesting tweets on her page. One, she has the screenshots and plans on releasing them in some sort of press release. And two, more demo builds of the game have been released into the wild.

Now the speculation can run wild. Press release? What could that mean, aside from the obvious? Is there something planned that's coming up? Are these demo games "updated" versions of the game? Who is getting them and why?

These questions and more may go unanswered for now. Those Tweets mentioning that info? Gone. For now, at least. Still, speculation is the lifeblood of a pre-release hypetrain, and it'd be a crime not to buy into it!

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  1. is located in the UK, which is where she said she sent the press builds. And just recently they posted an article "Scribblenauts will make me buy a Nintendo DSi" where they mention the fact that they were promised a test build. Hmmmmmmm