Friday, August 14, 2009

Nicholas Michetti: Can Scribblenauts make learning fun?

Michetti, a writer for the website BitMob, has put up an article that asks the question many people have been wondering: will Scribblenauts encourage learning? Could it make education fun? And here's what I want to know...will our kids be playing video games in school to learn things?

It's a very real question, given what Scribblenauts can do. After all, in a lot of ways Scribblenauts is nothing more than a dictionary. But Michetti takes it a bit further, suggesting the way items interact makes it key in the learning experience. And I definitely agree. As a kid I remember doing all these activity books which would provide context clues to help you remember words. "The boy likes to eat his red fruit, which is called a _____________". It worked for me, I guess, given that words are flowing out of my fingers at this very moment. However, wouldn't it be more effective if we could SEE the apple appear and then see the boy eat it?

Scribblenauts would allow for that, so it'll be interesting to see if schools embrace the idea. I sure hope they do.

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