Friday, August 14, 2009

IGN Friday Feature, round 3

Like clockwork IGN has released another one of their fantastic series, titled Random Thoughts On Scribblenauts.

This week we're treated to 7 whole videos, each one serving as "random thoughts" of a different member of IGN. Basically, like last week, they decided to test out different objects to see what would happen. Neat. Let's take a look at them, shall we?

Like usual, I'll try not to simply echo what happens in the trailer, but instead pick out the interesting stuff.

First up, Ryan Geddes spawns some strange stuff, such as a liver (which is the same object as "intestines", and probably for most internal organs). The only weird part of this video is it looked like meteor got quite a bit more destructive since we last saw it in the 2nd trailer. It seems to act like the nuke now, whiting out the whole screen and destroying everything. Hmm.

Jason Ocampo is next. I'm a little surprised how this one turned out. Colossus appears to redirect to a "giant" type character, leviathan is the same as a "sea dragon", dreadnought brings up a battleship, and the consulate wasn't in the game. Also, berserker looked...kinda weird. It didn't bring up the "warrior" image I had in my mind, looked almost like a biker or something. He was afraid of the monster and promptly died.

Anyways, the ensuing fight was fun to watch. The leviathan definitely owned them all, even though it looked like he could barely move, probably due to the fact he wasn't in the water?

Then we have Chris Roper's suggestions. Potato gun bringing up a pipe sounds about right (more or less), but I'm not sure why that pissed off the superhero. And we get confirmation that "Nothing" is in the spawns a black hole.

Mark Ryan Sallee is up now. Motorcycle looked nice, though that certainly wasn't the sidecar they wanted. Looked like a chariot. Gauntlet also brought up the armor piece (which makes sense), and racetrack brought in a finish line of sorts...which didn't make as much sense, but that's ok! Still looked cool. I loved how they improvised the sidecar with some glue.

Steve Butts (hehe) apparently suggested some boring stuff according to the article. And yeah, I kinda agree. Carpet, hippy, and gazebo...can't get much more mundane than that. Mars was cool, though.

The only thing I can talk about in regards to Kristine Steimer's turn is that the phoenix didn't rise from the ashes. Ah well. I also really wanted them to try to ride the Ferris wheel, though, disappointingly, it doesn't look like you can. It's a bit too small.

This one, by Peer Schneider, ends up being one of the stranger ones. There are no Germans, for some obvious reasons, so he ends up spawning some sort of pickle/cucumber, known as a gherkin. He then spawns a henchmen (seems to be the same object used by "criminal") who goes to attack him. The henchmen loves his gold, but by the end of the video, he also loves his cucumber-esque fruits.

In all, good videos. Nothing too crazy in them, and it did show a lot of the drawbacks of the game. Lots of repeat models we've seen before (despite the fact different words were used), and some items didn't spawn what you might expect.

Still, it showed off a good amount of items and they clearly had a blast with it. Who knew a game's title screen could be so fun?

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  1. Well, A gherkin is a type of pickle, like dill or bread and butter. And, of course the henchmen loves pickles; everyone love pickles!