Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scribblenauts to be on G4's XPlay?

So it would seem, at least.

Two Twitter accounts of people from G4, namely Morgan Webb and Wade Beckett, are asking for word suggestions to try out in the game. Wade actually mentioned this is going into a "live demo" on Xplay, which I guess means exactly what it sounds like. I don't get G4 where I live, but I do assume this'll find its way to the internet in some manner, and when it does I'll make sure to get it to you guys.

In the meantime hop on Twitter and toss words at these guys.


  1. Joshua, G4 streams its videos onto Hulu which has a feature to post videos on your own site, just a heads up for if they post the vid you talked about

  2. Oh wow, good deal! Thanks for the tip, dude

  3. no problem, my life recently is IGN, Youtube, Hulu, and of coarse, Scribblenauts