Friday, July 10, 2009

Action/Puzzle level split made a lot more apparent

Earlier tonight I was giving some thought as to how levels worked in Scribblenauts. In a previous post I mentioned that we know there are 10 worlds, and we know that in at least one of the worlds there are 11 levels. This leads to 110 levels, exactly half of the 220 promised. I suspected that wasn't a coincidence. And as it turns out, it wasn't!

A lot of people speculated there was a meaningful split between Puzzle and Action levels, but I was wondering if they'd go so far as to segregate the two modes. After all, in the E3 build both puzzle and action levels were side by side. I think. however, I have some proof that the two modes are definitely separate.

Here we see a 1-1 level. It's a puzzle level. Notice the puzzle picture by the world number

Then we have this image, snagged from one of the new videos. Here we see the "Get the starite out of the tree" level is also 1-1, only this time it has a little explosion symbol next to the name, most likely referring to the fact it's an action level.

This is pretty definite proof that the levels are split in a pretty big way. Thus there are two 1-1s, one for each game mode. I assume switching between the modes is simple enough, though I do wonder if it'd be possible to beat the game playing only one mode.

Finally, there's this last picture.

Here we see the level editor screen. Notice we have 2 pages, each with enough room for 6 levels. That makes room for 11 levels each. Every level shown here is a puzzle level (or it looks like), and we see the explosion icon in the lower right, suggesting we'd tap that to move to the action level selection.

So there it is. To be honest this is probably for my own benefit more than anyone else. It's been something that has been bugging me ever since E3. Thankfully it seems this mystery is solved. Most likely, of the 220 levels, exactly half are puzzle and half are action, and I'd be willing to bet there's an even split of 11 levels per world for all 10 worlds.

Kinda cool, eh?


  1. Mystery solved! Way to go!

    I can't believe I missed that bottom right icon before. Normally, I think explosion icons mean something like "delete", but that wouldn't make sense in a template select screen.

  2. Because I'm so bored, I'm making a "fixed" version of your top banner - , with no jaggies around the scribblenauts objects. But it's a little blurred.

  3. Bwahaha, thanks so much Anon! I am horrible at image editing, and your version looks a lot better.

  4. I told you they were split!! I said it in the last story about the levels!! and no one believed me!! SHAME ON YOU ALL!