Monday, July 6, 2009

Brace for impact! (update)

Like little magical storks carrying bundles of magical joy (what?) it would appear more and more sites are getting copies of Scribblenauts.

Thanks to the magic that is Twitter I found at least a few places which have their grimy little hands on the game and are playing it as we speak. I personally feel this is unfair, as my hands are just as grimy as the next guy's. Where is my copy?! These lucky fellows have so far confirmed they have the game: (these guys are taking suggestions of nouns to stump the game via twitter. Take advantage of this! (they had this to say about Scribblenauts via twitter: "CONFIRMED: Scribblenauts recognises 'bird' as both an avian and a woman.")

Also keep an eye on the ONM's Facebook page found here:

They'll keep us up to date on the stumpability!

Though we have no new info as of yet we're definitely on the cusp of what could be a very big, very exciting news day. Keep your eyes glued.

Update: To say that the gods have spited us would be too overdramatic, but it'd be close. Unfortunately if you were one of the 0 people who read this article and, indeed, braced for're just going to have to keep bracing until you pull a muscle or something.

ONM revealed via their Facebook that they're under a preview embargo until the end of the week. No, I have absolutely zero idea as to why this would be. It's a preview, not a review, and the game isn't coming out for months. Because of this they're not revealing giant lists of what is or isn't in the game. However, they did comment that out of the 115 items suggested to them (I wanted to see if "Rudolph" was in the game alongside Santa), only 26 didn't make it, which was pretty good given of those 26 I'm sure most were suggestions that didn't fall under the "rules" of Scribblenauts.

Still, new news IS coming, as I speculated just the other day. See you at the end of the week?

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