Monday, July 6, 2009

Around the Twitters (update #3)

Love or hate it, Twitter provides one clear advantage over many other social media: Instant, RSS-esque news and information. And thankfully most big businesses and newspapers have adopted Twitter, so sometimes you'll find that's where you'll get the most exclusive and up to date news.

Scribblenauts is no exception. With Edge and ONM having Scribblenauts in their possession they decided to do a bit of tweeting about it. I compiled some of their "findings" in this here post. I'll be bolding anything new each update

*Edge solved one puzzle where they had to catch a bee by riding a lowrider. Swagger: CONFIRMED

*Edge and ONM both confirmed some random items people were wondering about:

-What's in: Aviators, Asbestos (hmm!), Dottere (some wading bird that actually helped Edge through a puzzle!), bird as both an avian and a female, chick as both a baby chicken and female, ethernet cable, jelly, seismometer, rickroll?, elf, orc, Satan, sandworm

-What's not: Drogue, Charles Dickens (...), Tay Zonday, St George. Only one of those words is a "proper" fail

*Out of 115 suggested words for ONM to try out, only 29 failed. ONM states, however, that "That's not bad considering most of you were trying to stump it by coming out with licensed words and things that weren't objects"

*Edge had a little "tournament" it seemed...Orc beats Elf, Dragon beats Orc, Dragon beats Knight, Dragon beats Astronaut (hmm), Tank beats Dragon. Technology: Superior.

Look out for a special Scribblenauts-themed competition on Friday, Edge-followers. Details to follow.

*Edge confirms God kills Satan!

"Yes, Scribblenauts is effing incredible. I made god fight a giant sand worm. He lost, just like I wanted him to." from

Because Europe operates on BiZaRrO TiMe we'll probably see quite a few updates done while us yanks are sleeping, so look for this post again in the morning. I'll be sure to update it with any relevant tidbit of information.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if all three of the words I suggested to ONM failed.
    - Glitch, Antidisestablishmentarian, Coulrophobe.

    Also, "Aspestos" failed my Wiki+Dictionary test. Is it an alternate spelling / typo of Asbestos?

  2. Ah, good catch. Yep, just a typo!