Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scribblenautic Fanart Gallery: Sunday Edition

Right out the gate it was clear Scribblenauts had some pretty dedicated fans. The popularity of the game is not due to heavy advertising or hyping from the developers. It's because of the fans and word of mouth. The hype spreads virally as people gush about the game to one another. It's a beautiful cycle, and it's basically the only reason this blog exists: this is my personal gushing.

Of course, some fans are more talented than others, and when NeoGAF users Turk128 and SpacePirate Ridley began scribbling famous characters from movies and video games in the Scribblenauts "style", they raised the bar for all fans everywhere. This is how you honor a great game. You can find their work, as well as the work of many others, in the following two NeoGAF threads:

Scribblenauts Preview/Impressions Thread - You will say "wow." (see post #217)
The 'Avatar Requesting' Scribblenauts Thread (make them 90x120)

Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I plan to take some of the greatest pieces of fanart and feature them right here. With the sheer dedication (not to mention the volume of requests!) of these artists a regular feature like this is made possible.

Courtesy of turk128

Could this be our generation's "Three Wise Men"? Maybe. Conan brings the comedy, Chuck brings the beat downs, and Michael brings the swagger. Though we'll never see Norris vs. God or Michael Jackson dancing to Keyboard Cat, one thing is clear: every last person, whether they are real or not, looks amazing Scribblefied.

Courtesy of turk128

Scribblenauts really skyrocketed into popularity thanks to the now famous "Post 217", which had to do with one person's rather unique situation to dealing with zombies...namely, he decided to go back in time (with a "time machine") to recruit the help of a dinosaur to smash those zombies up.

Perhaps it would have been an easier solution to simply summon in these 4. It's safe to say Bill, Louis, Francis, and Zoey, all of Left4Dead fame, have a lot of experience in killing hordes of undead. It's a shame they aren't in, as I'd love to spawn in Francis and see just how many things he hates. Spoiler alert: he hates everything, except, for some reasons, vests.

Courtesy of Divvy

Gotta be honest here...despite my love of Pixar movies, I have not yet seen "Up", so I'm going to be pretty lacking in the "pseudo-witty-comment" department for these guys. But the sheer amazement I get from looking at these more than makes up for my lack of Up knowledge. Wow.

The amount of detail put into this rivals that of the movie itself. This is despite the fact the Scribblenauts style favors the minimalistic approach. You don't need me to tell you these guys ooze style and character, and they are all instantly recognizable.

That's it for this edition of the Scribblenautic Fanart Gallery. See you next time!

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  1. One of the best avatars had to be the Kyle Hyde one by jrricky. Mostly because they managed to use both artstyles in one. Of course, he'd be hard to do any other way, I still have to applaud that. C: