Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jackson does some rapid fire confirming

Creative Director Jeremiah Slaczka is unlike other gaming developers. He keeps tabs on his fans through online forums and every now and then actually answers questions people may have. I remember one memorable time during E3 when he was posting his reaction to Scribblenauts winning a whole bunch of awards...he was as pleasantly shocked as all of us.

Under the username Jackson over on GAF Jeremiah has been quick to answer any question you might have in this thread right here. Today Jackson decided to answer and clear up a bunch of things all at once. Take a look.

internet is in the game, plumbob is too, pretty sure usb stick is as well... maybe just as usb?

lolwut = epicness

There's 220 unique levels, the game is divided between action and puzzle.

also SHOOP DA WOOP ?? Seriously? You'd even test that? Awful.

So then! First, Jackson confirms Internet is still in the game (and we all raise our eyebrows at ONM for saying it isn't), as is plumbob (continuing eyebrow raising) is USB (please see a doctor if your eyebrow stays in this position for longer than 4 hours). Between believing the lead designer of a company with his repuation on the line and a gaming magazine...well, I'm going to go with Jeremiah. Because of this reveal that brings the list of "legit" failed words to 3.



Then Jackson goes on to confirm that lolwut (presumably the item in Scribblenauts) = epic.

No argument there! I do wonder what - if anything - this lovable doofus does.

Next he confirms the post I made last night before I went to bed. There are 220 unique levels in the game split down the middle between Puzzle and Action. Good to have official proof, even if it was kinda obvious.

And then finally he adomishes people for even attempting to see if SHOOP DA WHOOP is in the game. argument there.


  1. "LOLWUT" Makes Maxwells head grow larger.

  2. Good to have an official clear this up.

    Also, while I wouldn't normally take any meme-related advice for someone who'd use the phrase " lolwut = epicness", I agree that SHOOP DA WHOOP is VERY dated. And sucks.

  3. It was also pointed out to me it's pretty damn racist, haha. It's good business sense to know...include racism in your games ;)