Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scribblenautic Fanart Gallery: Sunday Edition

It's been just about a week since the conception of this blog, and exactly a week since the last Sunday edition of the Fanart Gallery. Today we take a look at more work from Edison Yan, Lead Artist of 5TH Cell and all around Insanely Awesome and Talented individual. We'll also take a look at a bunch of Nintendo-themed Scribbletars.

I also wanted to mention I'm going to reduce the number of times I do this per week to just 2: Sunday and Thursday. That should space them out enough so I have a good amount of "new material" to play around with. These artists that are working on these are fast, but they're not superhumans!

Courtesy of Edison Yan

Yan finishes off his Street Fighter work and continues to blow me - and I hope everyone else - right the hell away. Wow. I can't help but picture a fighting game that makes use of the Scribblenauts style and premise...imagine a game where you have to fight a single opponent using any item you can think of...hmm. Though I guess you can basically do that in Scribblenauts already.

Courtesy of turk128 (Birdo) and Divvy (Ludwig)

I was a huge fan of the Koopa Kids back in the day. I thought it was great idea and was executed well. Plus each kid had a unique personality and style. I never did question the basic biology which would be needed to produce these "kids", but it's probably best not to think about it.

Speaking of not thinking about biological oddities, I never really liked Birdo. I think some people like him (yes, him) because he's "ironic" and weird. Eh. He's out of place and serves as a shitty counter-balance to Yoshi, and he does in most of the spin-off games.

Courtesy of jrricky

I'd like to think a lot of people know about Hotel Dusk. It's a pretty cool adventure game for the DS that has an amazing art style. Though the environment is 3D and colorful, the characters are hand-drawn, purposefully "poorly" animated, and black and white. Indeed, it very much reminds me of music video for Take On Me.

Regardless, I imagine it'd be tough for someone to translate a character from a game that is built on its style to ANOTHER game that's built on its style. Phew. Luckily jrricky was able to do it, maintaining the right colors and look of Kyle Hyde, the lead character of Hotel Dusk. He really did an amazing job with this one.

Courtesy of Divvy

If you don't instantly recognize these two then I strongly urge you to go back in time and relive your childhood. Seriously, this is important.

Anyways, Divvy continues to show us how naturally Nintendo characters fit into the game. Now join me in banging my head against a wall due to the fact Nintendo would never in a million years allow 5TH Cell to allow these guys in as easter eggs. Ah well. Hopefully I can summon a boy, green tunic, and sword. Close enough...

Courtesy of Versipellis

This is a sad clown. He has nothing to do with Nintendo, but he is so cute and adorable and heart breaking that...well...he's added anyways

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