Thursday, July 9, 2009

New characters and " other customisation tools" confirmed?

Thanks to @Scribblenaut I was about to read a rather interesting preview at an Australian news site called, fittingly, Ausgamers. You can find it here. The preview itself is from E3 and didn't contain much in the way of new info in terms of objects or puzzles...but it did contain this interesting tidbit at the end:

Rewards will come in the form of in-game currency to buy new avatars and other customisation tools

Now that gave me pause. New avatars? As characters beyond Maxwell? You got to wonder what this could possibly mean in terms of unlockables. After all, a simple costume change would be silly as you could just write in the clothing item you want and Maxwell would put it on. This leads me to think these new avatars might really be entirely new characters (other Scribblenauts?) or, at the very least, contain unique clothing.

No point having unlockables costumes if I can look like this all the time

As if that wasn't mysterious enough, the latter part of that quote, namely the part about "customization tools", also leaves me wondering what exactly that means. What can we customize? Perhaps music or maybe even the interface? And why the word "tools"? My kneejerk reaction is that maybe we'll be able to unlock a tool that would allow use to change item properties on the fly, similar to the system employed by the level editor. I doubt I'm right, but it's definitely the first thing my mind jumped to.

Hopefully as more previews roll in we'll get further confirmation


  1. I think the unlockable avatars are entirely new people. It would at least explain why the title of the game is plural.

    But there would be some use in costumes, actually. You'd be able to have Maxwell wear a hat and monocle without those items counting as "moves".

    I'm definitely curious about those "tools"...

  2. I just put it together that your sirpenguin from neogaf, and me and a ton of others from gamefaqs watch the posters at neogaf day in and day out. Anyways great job on this site!