Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scribblenautic Fanart Gallery: Thursday Edition

Once again here we are with the Thursday edition of the Fanart Gallery. Today I plan on looking at a mix of avatars without a real theme or rhyme or reason. Most of these are the result of someone requesting an avatar done of their favorite character, so thus you'll be seeing a lot of variety

Courtesy of unknown (Iron Man) and Esperado (Superman)

Being from different universes means these two heroes will probably never meet. But these great drawings really show that the Scribblenauts style is perfect for capturing the "essence" of a character with minimal design. You then realize that anyone can recognize Superman with the right colors and an emblem, even if he has dots for eyes and no mouth.

Courtesy of Versipellis

Look at this smug motherfucker. Holy god he just oozes style. Now, unfortunately this style sort of abandons the "minimalistic" approach and instead makes it highly detailed. At least it still looks like it's straight from a notebook, though to be honest he looks more like a sticker than a paper cutout.

And if you don't recognize him, you should definitely check out Knights of the Old Republic

Courtesy of Divvy

Now I'm not one to pay much attention to games on other consoles. I sort of "outgrew" most console gaming (of course, by outgrew, I mean my bank account shrunk. Stupid tuition!) and thus have not paid much attention to the Last Guardian, though I did hear a bit about it at E3.

Then I saw this picture and fell in love with the cute little thing. Like, holy god, look at him!

Courtesy of Edison Yan.
Click any of them for a larger shot

It might be unfair to call these fan art. For those who don't know, Edison Yan actually works for 5TH Cell. I'm unsure of the exact capacity, as it seems he's more of a freelance artist who does art for their games and isn't a regular employee. I don't know how much he's done for Scribblenauts, but I do know how amazing his fanart is.

Hint: It's very amazing.

Edison goes all out with his doodles, as you can see. You can see both Street Fighter and Final Fantasy 7 more than represented. I am blown away at the sheer volume and style of these. I don't think it'd upset me one bit if all video games in the world were forced to use the Scribblenauts style.


  1. Thanks for the mention Josh! You're doing great work yourself! :)

  2. No no...thank you! Your illustration of post 217 has been my desktop background for weeks!