Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scribblenautic Fanart Gallery: Tuesday Edition

Today's edition will be a little short on words and more focus on pictures. I'm a bit tired today and I got a few work obligations, but hey, this post is about pictures anyways so no harm, no foul, right?

Courtesy of Harbadakus

Thankfully these four don't need an sort of introduction or paragraph describing them. I'll just let you take them all in.

Courtesy of
jrricky (Mario, Pikachu) and C_V

In a lot of respects I probably don't have to introduce or explain these 3 either. I think Nintendo characters by default lend themselves quite well to the style. They tend to be more cartoony than real and it shows.

Courtesy of Harbadakus (G-Man) and jrricky (Miyamoto)

The avatars of pure joy and pure despair. One captures your childhood imagination in video games, the other uses you as a pawn in some sort of weird intergalactic Crowbar Wielding Championship

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