Friday, July 10, 2009

Scribblenauts get a sort-of release date; multiplatform talk

Out of all the news breaking today we have two big pieces that I'd like to touch on that I feel are, above all else discovered today, the most important.

First we have affiliate @Scribblenaut figuring out (thanks to a Dutch website) that Scribblenauts will be released the 23rd of September in the PAL regions. This is 8 days after the speculated September 15th date for the states. I think it's safe to say the United States will see the game anywhere between those two dates, though I am thinking the 15th is the correct date.

Second, we have an interview that might scare some people while exciting others. Yes, multiplatform talk. To quote technical director Marius Fahlbusch,

Starlet developer 5th Cell has never thought of puzzler Scribblenauts as a DS exclusive, technical director Marius Fahlbusch has told VG247, and has confessed that the puzzler could migrate between platforms.

“The concept would definitely work on other platforms as well and we’ve seen gamers from very different backgrounds pick it up and enjoy it equally,” said Fahlbusch.

He added: “We’ve seen both kinds of gamers instantly taking to the game, the casual gamer that played a few games before as well as hardcore ones that play nothing but the latest titles on PS3 and X360.

“But we never limited ourselves to the DS as platform in our heads and we’ll see what the future holds.”

Personally? I'm disappointed in that. 5TH Cell has always been somewhat of a Nintendo loyalist. In fact, Scribblenauts wouldn't have even come to life if they didn't look at the DS and say, "Ok, what can we do with this?" Though I am excited that it may branch out to other consoles and support the developers, I gotta say, it would not be ideal. Once a game goes multiplatform some problems begin to come up. Some platforms become more favored than others, release dates and content begin to differ greatly. It'll be interesting to see what comes in the days ahead.

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