Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ONM puts up a preview...wait, what?

As I mentioned previously the Official Nintendo Magazine has Scribblenauts - but they're not talking. They said they have a preview embargo until Friday. They're being so careful that they're not even revealing what words are in and what are out.

Well, someone should probably tell that to the guy who wrote this article.

Now there's a few confusing things about this article. For one...well, they're on an embargo until Friday! I may not be the best with time zones, but I'm pretty sure it's not Friday yet, even in the UK. Further, on their Facebook page they held off revealing a giant "What objects are in?" list due to their embargo, and they still haven't revealed anything. So why launch a preview but not reveal their list?

Perhaps most confusing of all is how generic the preview is! I don't mean to be insulting, but for a site who has uninterrupted use of the game...god, what a boring article this was to read. Indeed, it was so generic and told us literally nothing new that I almost suspect this is a preview from someone at E3! They mention no new items that haven't been seen in YouTube videos and screenshots and they don't even talk about puzzles. It feels like a summary of the game, not a preview.

So what do you think is up? Is this really their preview, or do you think it might be a "placeholder" of sorts until Friday?

Update: It's come to my attention (thanks to this guy) that the preview put up very well might be from E3. It seems this article is from their print version, and thus is a bit old as it's their E3 issue. It explains why it contains nothing new...but does not explain why they would put it up so late!


  1. Someone on Twitter told me the preview is taken from ONM's latest issue, which I suppose would be the E3 issue.

    I'm not sure why they would publish their articles online, let alone this late, when a new preview of the game is supposed to be coming, but it seems like an okay explanation.

  2. Well, I've come to expect a certain level of hypocrisy from ONM. But after reading that, it looks more like a preview of a preview than anything. So that's forgivable. :9