Friday, July 10, 2009

Screenshot overload

Today is going to be a big news day for Scribblenauts. A big day. So I'm going to begin early (and kinda small) and bring you some new pictures I've found around the web. There's a lot of them, so I'll link you to where you an find them and show you some of my favorites.

New pictures over at...


Now let's look at some of the cooler shots.

Here we see what I assume if the first part of the level editor mode. As you can see we can choose from 10 different worlds, each with its own theme. Standard fare among video games, of course. Through each world we can then choose the level we want to use as our template. There are 6 levels per page with multiple pages. The Gardens has 2 pages, and from the E3 demo we know it has 11 stages.

For those keeping up with the math, though, 10 worlds of 11 levels each equals 110 levels, exactly half the 220 levels promised. I don't think that's a coincidence. Do you think some worlds have more levels (some would have to have over 22 levels for the math to work out), or are we missing some key component?

Here we have something I am personally VERY excited for. During some of the previews people mentioned the icons when interacting with objects weren't always clear. Sometimes it was hard to determine if you were going to pick something up or throw it. 5TH Cell listened, it seems, and has added some text to each option to show you exactly what they do.

He we can see the level editor again, showing off how you can modify object properties. For example, this monster can follow the matador around. Other options mentioned were "mount", "consume", "scare", etc.

More shots will go here as the day goes on!


  1. I believe I know why the math only adds up to 110 levels.
    In the interviews they said the level editor at e3 was just platform levels and no puzzle levels I believe this is just half because it is just platform or puzzle.

  2. I don't think so. If you look at the "template selector" you'll notice 1-1 is a puzzle level and available to be chosen. Who knows what's going on...