Sunday, July 26, 2009

EBGames offers a Rooster Helmet with the pre-order of Scribblenauts

Seriously, the Rooster Hat (a name that was coined not by 5th Cell but by Gamespot when trying to describe Maxwell) is now a pre-order bonus (in Australia only).

Remember, Scribblenauts releases Sept. 15th in America, Sept. 22nd in Europe.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm Ytoabn, new contributor to Scribblenautic. Hi.


  1. I am SO preordering this from Gamestop if this indeed hits in the US. You have no idea.

    Also, yes, welcome to the blog! Good to have you.

  2. I realllly hope it ends up being apart of the U.S preorder deal.

  3. Holy shit I'm SO gonna go pre order now well I live in New Zealand which is pretty much Australia I hope EB games has it