Sunday, July 26, 2009

God's death avenged thanks to a bow wielding angel. Only in Scribblenauts does this make perfect sense

Let's face it. Spawning God in the game and having him fight powerful beings is like the "initiation" ritual of Scribblenauts. It's like jumping on a Goomba for the first time in Mario or blowing yourself up with a rocket in Team Fortress 2. There are certain things you must do before you can say you're "officially" playing the game.

Now poor God sometimes gets put into situations even he might find hard to win in. Like fighting Cthulhu.


New God has lost to this Old God before on video, though it actually ended in a tie with both dying at the same time. This time we see some footage of God losing the struggle, but thankfully not all is lost.

Now you're going to see a lot of things in this video, most of which will annoy you (such as people standing in front of the camera), but stay for the end, as it's worth it. God loses to Cthulhu despite (or perhaps because of) the fact he was wielding a shotgun. Thankfully they summon in an angel and a bow. The angel, at first scared shitless by the Ancient One, decides to finish the job off with a single shot.



  1. Now that's something we haven't seen before. Usually whatever emotion a person / being shows when they appear and interact, is stable. In other words, this time the being CHANGED his emotion (from fear to strength) when he was given his favorite weapon.

    Interesting. I could see a puzzle being, give the cowardly guy some strength by giving him the right weapon.

  2. Yeah, it definitely seems like the A.I ''emotions'' change dynamically. I never realised that till now.

  3. I've never blown myself up with a rocket in TF2. :(

    Why did God lose this time? In the previous video, he had the same weapon (a shotgun), and managed to beat Cthulhu just as Cthulhu beat him. Did the skateboard increase God's defense stat or something?


  4. It's a good question. We get mixed results when it comes to people winning or losing fights. It might be like a typical RPG and they do damage in a range (like, 20-25 damage per hit), or perhaps he put God closer to the enemy so he didn't have enough time to fire shots. I dunno.

  5. I believe that God & Cthulu just have equal health bars and equal attack strength, so whoever attack first wins (which is why Cthulu is so weak to the angel & bow).

    I wonder if they have displayable health bars.