Friday, July 31, 2009

Joystiq offers a Scribblenauts challenge

If you were with us for the EDGE contest awhile back then this should come as no shock to you, but that doesn't make it any less cool.

Joystiq has issued a challenge for their readers to solve a level in Scribblenauts. There's no prizes this time around (except for the accomplishment of a job well done!) nor is the level particularly difficult. You can see the level and what it entails at the top of this post.

However, despite not being very hard, this sure sounds like it could be a ton of fun and allow for creative (and entirely insane) ideas. The lack of a challenge will enable some really awesome and free form least I hope. We're not sure what "cheating" means, but I assume you can't just walk over to it and knock it down. Still, it just said no guns. Explosives? Nukes? A black hole? Those are entirely different stories.

So head over to Joystiq and drop them a comment. They'll have the results on Monday.


  1. intresting
    i say catapult
    or glue steak to wall on the right then make a tiger on the other side, the tiger will run to the meat and knock down the bottles


  2. Well I'm sure this news is part of it. But yes, I agree! Come on IGN, Gamespot!

  3. @ AHomelessHomie
    I was thinking steakbaby.

  4. Extremely easy level, this. :(

    Let's begin with "shuriken", follow up with "monster", and finish off with "steel box". Unless we've used them already, in which case we can use practically any other item. Except guns. Not much challenge to this challenge.

    Let's be a little imaginative, anyway. Pull out an "ebelskiver pan", and a "rope". Tie the pan to the ceiling, and give it a good push. Pan swings, bottles fall.

    Give the girl a "skateboard". Place "Death" to her left. She skates away in terror, and crashes into the pile of bottles, which collapses.

    What does the girl like? (e.g. donuts) Create one of those, put it behind the bottles. Win.

    I think "cheating" probably means crossing over that table-thingy between you and the girl...