Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New vid and perhaps new info come Friday [UPDATE]

Update: Seems like I was right. There is currently another embargo for previews that ends this Friday. Craig Harris over at IGN had this much to say about Scribblenauts:

  • He has the ROM.
  • He considers it the "real deal"
  • The puzzles are "really cool"
  • He considers the controls clunky, sometimes requiring multiple taps
  • Overall the idea is "solid"
  • Starting Friday, a preview embargo will lift, allowing him to begin a weekly feature on the game

Thank you to SmellyWaffles of GAF for the info.

A weekly feature, eh? What do you think that means? Could we see more Edge-like contests? Or maybe we'll see a sort of "Items of the Week" feature? Guess we'll find out Friday.

First on the agenda is another new vid from GamersGuide.nl. Now you can get your fix of even MORE internet memes with this low quality video. You won't see much new, unfortunately, but you WILL see:

-Leeroy Jenkins
-Spaghetti Cat (I guess this?)
-and a vampire which kills Leeroy and turns him into a Ghoul. Oh no!

Finally, I have a sneaking suspicion we might have another preview embargo underway, and that more sites (most likely American?) have the game in their hands.

First up we have the guys in the IGN podcast (check this post out) letting us know they have the game but cannot talk about it in detail yet. Then we have Justin Calvert of Gamespot saying he's writing a preview for Friday on his Twitter. Hopefully this means that, like last time we had an embargo, we'll have an influx of new info at the end of the week.

Cool beans.

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  1. Spaghetti Cat is the only new object in that video, and a fairly far-fetched meme, if you ask me...

    Hopefully the next influx will reveal something new again (or at least confirm that advanced mode), like how the last influx revealed the avatar shop.