Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tons of new videos and a new trailer...Part 1

(This time for real, now with 100% less formatting issues!)

Thanks largely to Scribblenauts being at this year's Comic-Con, we've been getting a ton of new videos showcasing the game in a variety of ways. In order to prevent both of us from being overwhelmed I'm going to split the new videos into two different posts, because there are a LOT of them. I want to make sure you get to see every last one.

So, shall we begin?

Here's our first video from Game Trailers. This one shows off quite a bit in the way of both levels and objects. We see Keyboard Cat, the NeoGAF logo, Action 1-2 (which has some Zelda-esque puzzle solving in it!), a politician missing his chance to kiss a baby as it's shoved into a greenhouse, and finally Maxwell going back in time to the dinosaur age. Neat!

Next up from GameTrailers we have the 3rd official trailer. This one is of higher quality than the last and shows some cool things. We get to see Maxwell jumping a baby on a bike, for one, totally confirming the fears of the ESRB. Of special note are the thermal goggles which, like the nightvision goggles, perform exactly like they should, giving you a thermal readout. Crazy.

Also in the video we see a giant enemy crab ruining some the fun of some samurais (just like what happened in Ancient Japan...) and a helibackpack. Do you know what a helibackpack is? Because I sure as hell don't. But it exists!

Finally, we get some Medusa action. Maxwell chops her head off and petrifies a nearby Centaur with the severed head.

Holy. Fuck.

Fantastic trailer all around.

Games Guide show some off screen video

Alright everyone, we can all calm down and go home now. Pyromaniac is CONFIRMED in the game. And he's also confirmed to act exactly how he should! First he attacks poor Maxwell. Ol' Maxy-boy decides to think outside the box a bit and defends himself by distracting the Pyromaniac with a house. The Pyro takes the bait and burns it to the ground...literally. We get confirmation that houses can, indeed, burn down. Then they summon in a SWAT guy to nullify the Pyro.

If you can excuse the quality of this video you'll find some pretty cool things. You got a croc vs. an explosive, a snake vs. a boa, a prison (he meant "Python", but the game is set to English mode, so it didn't recognize the Spanish spelling) and finally you get to see him blowing up an elephant with a bazooka. PETA would not be pleased.

I think that's all the awesome I can handle for now. I'll be hitting up with a Part 2 sometime tomorrow with the rest.

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  1. Helibackpack makes me happy. The new trailer is all-around awesome. Partial demonstration of Post 217 is win. Scribblenauts is generally for the win.

    However, helibackpacks... don't exactly exist. Kinda. They're mostly theoretical, although some rare ones do exist. Which makes Scribblenauts even more awesome. :D