Friday, July 31, 2009

Live "word test" offered by Kotaku...but only for the next hour!

My job is pretty easy with this one, as I don't have to describe a damn thing. Here's the link, and here's the article:

For the next hour, if you write a concrete, kid-friendly noun, I will try to test it in Scribblenauts. The DS game should render your nouns as objects. I'll attempt to keep up in the comments and report back.

I will ignore bad words, so don't waste my time.

Look for a preview of Scribblenauts' gameplay next week. For now, let's mess around with turning words into virtual objects in the game's menu screen.

I'll start: I typed "boy," and a boy appeared. I typed "blob" and a blob appeared and attacked the boy.

I typed "president" and got a white guy in a suit. I typed "Republican and got the same guy." I typed Democrat and again got that guy.


(The game's out on September 15, from development studio 5th Cell and publisher Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.)

It's only open for the next hour, so please, be mindful of your suggestions.

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