Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New video impressions from Comic-Con [Tiny update]

It's about time! I was wondering if the game's presence at Comic-Con was some sort of illusion, as no website or even a gamer had been talking about their time with the game there. Thankfully G4 has fixed this problem with a new video. Let's take a look.

Items seen:

-Treasure (produces a diamond)
-Kleptomaniac (actually STEALS the diamond from Maxwell, then attacks him. Incredible)
-Hoverboard (dramatic reenactments of Back to the Future: CONFIRMED)
-Loch Ness Monster
-Ark of the Covenant. I can't believe they wasted time of the video trying a item that obviously would not work. What in the hell.
-Just "ark" works, though, which is cool. Start tossing some animals on that bitch
-Keyboard Cat...oh good...well, Keyboard Cat plays him off.

So nothing too special. The coolest part was easily the klepto stealing the item and the fact hoverboard exists. I do kinda wish these people would stop making these types of videos...they really seem so basic compared to stuff we've seen. But oh well! More word confirmation and cool interactions are always welcome.

Tiny update: Just in case you think the previewer not trying "XRay Glasses" is because it isn't in the game, like I did...well, you're wrong, like I was. Jackson in his infinite awesomeness basically confirms it's in. Neat. Time to spawn some cheerleaders.


  1. Jeremiah just verified xray glasses/goggles on Neogaf (page 78). xD

  2. The hoverboard doesn't seem to be hovering very much. Isn't it still touching the ground? Nonetheless just as awesome as the helibackpack for transport purposes.

    Additionally, where did the treasure go? Was it deleted along with the kleptomaniac? Kind of annoying to automatically delete both simultaneously, really.

    Otherwise, awesome.

  3. Cool! Three of my word suggestions got in (I was the guy who suggested klepto+treasure and loch ness monster). I kind of wish he had taken the suggestion I really wanted to see, though, antimatter.