Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rumor time: European commercial in production?

Or at least that's the claim of a guy at G4. Apparently Stephen Johnson, a writer for G4's website, has an "actor friend" who auditioned for this role. What type of commercial is it? Well, you can check it out right here for a "plot" synopsis

The spot involves a mom-type lady, a teenager and a young kid trying to catch a bus. They miss it, then sit glumly on the bus bench and pull out their Nintendo DSes. The mom draws a bike, which appears, then she pedals away. The teen draws a sports car, in which he zooms off. The kid draws a Pterodactyl and flies off on the winged lizard. Bam! Lights down

Hmm! Well, I'm usually not a big fan of game commercials, but this sounds interesting. It's hard to ease the casual/typical gamer into the concept of Scribblenauts, and I think the progression from bike to sports car to peterodactyl is a good way to explain it.

So again, this is merely a rumor, but if it is true, I can assure you we'll have video footage of it the moment it pops.

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