Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tons of new videos...Part 2

I probably should have thought up a more exciting name for these articles...ah well. I shall now continue on my journey of bringing you new videos that we were blessed with last week. Some of these broke early in the week and might not be very new to you. For posterity's sake, however, I'll still include them.

This is a pretty neat demonstration played at Ideame. Elizabeth England, a designer on the Scribblenauts team, is the one doing the presentation, and as far as I know this is the first we've seen her.

First she shows probably the most unique solution to 1-1 we'll ever see (this is like the 3rd time I've said that...). She took a swordfish, shot it with a tranquilizer dart, and used the sleeping fish to cut down the tree. Incredible. The solution actually prompted a round of applause from the crowd. How often does that happen with a DS game?

She then goes on to show the Optometrist level that was shown in the new trailer, and solves it with the same solutions (eye and sniper rifle). The video ends rather abruptly (and also began in the middle of the presentation!) so I would expect to see more, better quality videos of this conference in the coming week.

This video from IGN came out sometime last week and has the distinction of being the only video showing us this relatively complex new level, 9- 5. First you have to break your way past some stalagmites, so think something powerful enough to break rock. Next up you have to dodge a trap which drops some spiked balls on your head (ouch) while making your way down to the 2nd floor. Now you have to deal with pits of lava, a flaming platform, and finally a necromancer (?) with some skeleton cohorts.


All in all the player makes it look very easy. However, you'll notice he gains only a single digit in style points. This either means his solution was "boring" (and it was a pretty "typical" solution) or he's reused those items before. Either way, this is proof enough that you'll have a hard time cheesing your way through levels if you're looking for money.

Now I'm not sure why you'd want to do this. But can, and I guess that's what matters in Scribblenaut terms. Still, I'm happy to see the radius of the black hole isn't as big as I thought it might be. We could actually be kind of strategic with this as a weapon. A rather creative weapon.

Finally we have this video from Gamespot Australia doing something many of us will hopefully be doing a lot: finishing a level multiple ways with unique solutions.

First up is the "Rescue the cat from the roof" puzzle level from The Gardens. We saw some interesting item interaction in this video. The cat was attracted to the fireman without any sort of provocation, which was pretty cool. The trampoline definitely worked, and it was hilarious watching the cat bounce up and down at the end. The tornado was...not that good. It was a bit weird, actually. It was VERY contained in its destruction and stayed in one spot. The cat ended up "walking" down the edge of it, which I definitely didn't understand. At the very end the pet owner was launched into space, at least proving the tornado can hurt SOMETHING. Oops. Maxwell failed that one.

Next we see a new level, though don't believe them when they say it's more complex. It isn't. Basically you have a car with a dead battery and you have to drive to the house. Pretty simple. One guy used an electric eel and it not only worked, but the eel seemed to propel the car forward on its own. Another guy used a lightning bolt and that also fixed the car, allowing him to drive it to the house. The 3rd used a car battery and jumper cables. Probably the most boring and mundane answer you can think of. But yep, it worked.

I don't know about you guys, but my first thought wasn't to fix the car, but rather, propel it in some way. Catapult? Explosion? Hmm. I wonder if that'd work.

Anyways, that's it for now. Seems like I'm all caught up. Depending on how the newsweek goes I might catch up on screenshots or other news as well. If it's slow, that is. I'm hoping that post-Comic-Con we have some new and awesome videos and interviews to start the week off. Here's hoping!

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  1. On the topic of 9-5... I enjoyed the bad guy's reaction to the suddenly appearing monster. A MONSTER! RUN AWAY! INTO THE LAVA! :P

    Think you can simply squeeze between the stalagmite and stalactite at the start? The gap looks a little too small for that, sadly - it seems crushing is the only option!

    The solution was, when you come down to it, generally pretty boring. The monster was the best part, and there wasn't even a grappling hook used! (there are steel boxes on either side of the fire platform forming perfect hookholds!)

    I'd totally solve the car puzzle (did we spot the number?) with a helicopter and some rope. Or a time-travelling dinosaur and bungee cords. Or even a tow truck. Perhaps I'd just write "car" again and put that one at the house (would that work?) Or use a forklift. The options are fantastically endless.

    Wow, this comment ended up pretty long.