Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scribblenauts makes ONM's cover

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Good deal. Seems like this is a feature (perhaps an interview?) and not a review of the game or anything. I do wonder what that means, at least in terms of info. I wouldn't expect too much new stuff that we don't already know, but if you're looking to pick this issue up you can as early as tomorrow.



  1. Woah. I definetely don't know how to get this magazine delivered to my country so I guess I'd just wait for the scan. Nice find!

  2. It's a 5-page preview of the game, with similar pictures we've seen on other sites. It mainly drills home that fact that ANYTHING can be summoned in the game, so non-internet people can understand. I'd take a scan myself, but I don't have a scanner. 3:

    Some of the highlights include confirmation of fingerless gloves, a penny farthing bike and a zoetrope as words, a level were you have to protect a picnic basket from ants, the ability to attach a sword to long cable for a make-shift whip (picking up the sword and attacking with it causes the cable to swing too and cause damage) and the control issues that were pointed out by other people.

    It also has six different ways of getting the starite out of the tree: Grabbing it with a fishing rod, a beaver, throwing a baseball, blowing the bottom of the tree up with TNT, setting the tree on fire and the "panda unicycle" we've seen before.

  3. Oh, and they called the cat on a roof a "dog".

    ONM don't know the difference between 4-legged animals. :V

  4. Oh wow, thanks much, Kirbizard. XD @ them somehow messing up the dog/cat thing. Wow.