Sunday, July 26, 2009

Matt Cox, Lead Designer on Scribblenauts, leaves 5TH Cell...but it's not what you think!

I'm very sad to say that it would appear Mr. Cox has decided to leave 5TH Cell, at least according to his Twitter page and this news article. But don't worry, it's not as bad as it might sound. In this economy it's easy to assume it was due to layoffs or budget cuts, but thankfully that does not appear to be the case. Indeed, I encourage everyone to please read the news article I linked above, as the story is truly heart warming.

Though game design was once his dream, it seems a new, slightly more meaningful dream has struck him. Matt is leaving 5TH Cell in order to establish a church in his area and become Reverend there. He plans on making his church a bit more open than people might be accustomed to, instead focusing on accepting people for who they are as opposed to merely passing judgment, something that people criticize churches for.

“It’s not one of those (in a dramatic voice) ‘I’ve realized the sins of the video game industry, so I’m going to follow God.’ It’s absolutely nothing like that.”

I wish him the best of luck. I'd say every person in this company has poured their hearts and souls into everything they do. It can't be easy to leave. So thank you, Matt, for everything you've done for 5TH Cell. I'm sure they're sad to see you go, but you gotta follow that dream.

Good luck, dude.


  1. It sounds like the predicted profits from Scribblenauts is enough for him to pursue his dream. Good for him, but this may complicate later sequels or ports of Scribblenauts.

  2. I'm sorry but however i look at it this just depresses me and i don't know why you call it more meaningful as millions may play scribblenauts and even religious people don't consider other jobs "lower" than reverend
    i am not very religious nor do i observe the practice so i find it hard to feel touched

  3. The point is simple: He is following his dream.

    Cheers, Matt!

  4. Man his office looks cool I want an office like that when I become a game designer

  5. I have the same t-shirt. :P