Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get a preview of Scribblenauts Prima Guide

I honestly didn't think that Scribblenauts would even have a strategy guide, considering the non-linear nature of the game. However, Prima will offer a Scribblenauts strategy guide, which will include:
Starite Strategies: Our complete Story and Puzzle Mode strategies will direct you through each level and
help you obtain every Starite.
Solutions: Every level description will feature 3 different solutions to solving each puzzle with the fewest objects in
the shortest time. With over 220 levels, this guide contains over 660+ strategies to help bring your skills to the next
Word List: Learn some of the best and most obscure words you can use to solve each puzzle!
Level Creation: Learn the tips and tricks you need to build the most creative and elaborate levels possible.
Art Poster: Pullout art poster included!

I find it absolutely fascinating that their Word List does not claim to have every word, but instead the "best" or "most obscure". That makes me think that they simply were unable to track ALL of the words (though the use of "best" words makes me worry some objects will be over powered or over used).

The guide will drop the same day as the game, September 15th (no spoilers for you).


  1. Bizarre! I could only see myself buying this just to see obscure words, though I'm sure 5TH Cell will eventually release a list. I hope.

    Still, it's like you have a guide on how to use your imagination. And uh, that's just weird.

  2. This has got to be one of the strangest games to release a guide for.

    If I got it, it would only be for the word list which hopefully comes with lots of pretty pictures. That's the reason I got their Pokémon TCG guide for GameBoy afterall. :3

  3. hmmmmm
    wonder it will turn out
    i do get worried with this as i already assumed some words considered obscure could be abused by using them frequently for purely points reasons

  4. The puzzle guide part is kind of... redundent, if you will. Joshua, that's teh same reason i bought a pokemon guide a few years back.

  5. I might get this book for 2 reasons.

    That obscure list.

    And the poster. Hanging that puppy up on my wall if I do.