Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kotaku gives results of their wordlist challenge while 1Up offers their own

Phew. This whole embargo ending thing sure means my job is a lot more frantic than usual. Seems like whenever I get the chance to get online I discover 2-3 stories to cover. You're going to want to definitely check out my weekly roundup tomorrow to find anything you missed, but at least this will be the last story of tonight.

Firstly, Kotaku decided to (weirdly) respond to people's word suggests in the comment section itself. Now maybe I'm just plain stupid, but Kotaku's comment system really doesn't make any sort of sense, and it was being pretty buggy to boot. Thankfully there are people to do the work for me. UncleSporky, over at Penny-Arcade, was kind enough to compile the list himself. I won't quote it verbatim as it's rather long, but you can find it yourself here. I think you'll be happy with what they found, though there's nothing that really stood out to report on.

Well, actually, they do mention the shrink ray working as you'd expect, and they were able to shrink a dentist. Sounds like the setup to a bad SciFi movie!

Next up we have 1Up offering yet again to check to see if a word you want is in Scribblenauts. You can find the page right here. They'll be taking the more interesting suggestions and making videos about them next week, so again, try to be creative!


  1. Yay it's in.(but then again what isn't) the shrink ray is at the top of my over 100 strong list of things I want to spawn in scribblenauts.
    I also want to spawn a freezethrower an Archaeopteryx and a maxim gun.

  2. I heard in the 1up podcast that manbearpig was in, so i requested they show it.

    I dont have my hopes up, though, im expecting just a generic beast, or a minotaur like they said it looked like.